Recruiter Compensation Policy

Human Resources Office has Sole Responsibility.
Candidates for positions with Lowe Enterprises, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries (collectively, the "Company") are sourced solely through the Human Resources office at the Company's headquarters in Los Angeles, California, except for positions with Destination Hotels and Resorts, Inc. and its subsidiaries (generally hotel and resort locations). Recruitment firms, employment agencies and any other person purporting to represent candidates (collectively "Agencies") must deal solely with the Company's Human Resources office in presenting candidates or soliciting employment opportunities.

Signed Agreement Required for Compensation.
No compensation will be earned by or paid to any Agency or any other person in connection with the presentation of a candidate, or the Company's offering employment to or employing any person, except strictly in accordance with the terms of a written agreement manually signed in advance by the Company and the Agency ("Fee Agreement"). No Fee Agreement shall be enforceable unless it is approved in writing by the Company's Sr. Vice President of Human Resources or its Human Resources Manager. Receiving or accepting of any communication (such as opening an e-mail message or signing a receipt) shall not constitute the Company's acceptance of any term or agreement to do business with an Agency or any person, nor shall it oblige the Company to pay compensation to an Agency or any other person under any circumstances.

Unsolicited Information Becomes Company Property.
Except as provided otherwise in a Fee Agreement all information received by the Company concerning a candidate ("Candidate Information") shall become the property of the Company. The Company shall have no obligation of confidentiality and may use the Candidate Information in any manner whenever it chooses without any obligation to pay any compensation to any person. For example, the Company may offer employment to or hire any person about whom Candidate Information is received, and shall have no obligation to pay compensation to the person who made the Candidate Information available.

This Policy May Not Be Waived or Modified Orally. No person has the power to modify or waive any provision of this policy orally.