Public Private Partnership

Lowe Enterprises has provided real estate services to public and private property owners since its founding in 1972. The firm's entrepreneurial and innovative approach, coupled with its fiduciary perspective honed over decades of providing service to real estate property owners, positions Lowe as the ideal partner for public entities. Lowe's proven track record in Public Private Partnerships (P3) enables public owners to tap into the company's rich expertise and owner's perspective in financing, designing, securing sites, developing and operating real estate projects. Lowe has developed P3 projects totaling 4.4 million square feet and valued at more than $1 billion. Lowe's partners include governmental agencies such as the US Federal Government, District of Columbia, County of San Diego, City of Compton and City of Brea. The firm's educational partners include the University of California, Berkeley, Brea-Olinda School District and University of California, San Diego.

Recent projects range from a senior center or parking structure, to as large as a 1.3 million square foot mixed-use urban residential and retail complex. Whether by financing, investing, developing or managing P3 projects, Lowe strives to meet the needs of its partners while enhancing its local communities.

For more information about Lowe's P3 business, please contact:

Alan Chamorro
San Francisco

Mike McNerney
San Diego and Orange County

Tom Wulf
Los Angeles Area